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Quote pic The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

- Malcom Forbes, 1919 - 1990
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Nov 15, 2016
The Reality Perception Ensemble (v. #3)
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"What is Real is not simply what we imagine it to be." - David Apollo

While there may be multiple interpretations and perceptions about what is actually happening among a variety of individuals watching the same thing happen, in reality there is only ONE truthful description of what is going on For Real. All the variants of the perception of Reality are the result of the "Filters" we are built with that serve to detect and interpret the environment we encounter and interact with. Those filters differ within each of us from each other in a variety of ways. Those differences are responsible for the different perceptions that are generated and embraced.

The Reality Perception Personality Spectrum Ensemble confers the ability to recognize the Real from the Imaginary, the thought in one's mind from the actual reality going on outside the mind. All That Is, including oneself, is Real. However, the mind may not be regarding the Real truthfully, even as It unfolds in plain sight.

The advances made in the scientific domain that will lead to a deeper understanding of cognitive perceptions, interpretations, and responses are advancing much more quickly and with much more rigorous scientific methodology than was possible in the past, and is very exciting. It is wonderful to be able to sketch some of that out for a general audience interested in The Truth of Things based more on uncovered facts and less on imaginary rhetoric that can be made to "feel right" but cannot be empirically validated.

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