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Nov 16, 2017
The Curiosity Personality Spectrum Tapestry
[ Curiosity on Mars tree ]
This chapter is Version #1.

The impact of the Curiosity Personality Spectrum Tapestry, depending on how effective its "setting" is, will be seen as enabling a spectrum of behaviors leading to interest, identification, characterization. Basically, curiosity-oriented behaviors are "What Is this?" oriented exploration behaviors. Curiosity is itself made up of an ensemble of influential components and traits.

ConserveLiberty suggests that Curiosity is primarily invoked when things or elements of things are encountered (detected) for which no memories have been made. This is perhaps a little different than the way many are accustomed to thinking about Curiosity. In other words, Curiosity is invoked in order to commit new learning of things not remembered into memory.

This chapter is currently offered "as is" to get introductory information out to the ConserveLiberty audience for their review.
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