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Jul 20, 2017
The Critical Thinking Personality Spectrum Filter
Author's Note
"Those who have Understanding, True Comprehension, are often not identified as such. Validation requires recognition, and it is not possible to validate what one does not grasp. Without validation, Understanding and Comprehension is in our midst, unseen." - David Apollo

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"I know things that others don't know. You say, 'But I don't care to know them. And how do you know if you really know them, and if they are even really there?' And I say, 'But I do care to know them. And because I do care to know them and you don't, then the way I come to know and understand them is to look for them myself.' " - David Apollo

"Our Filters often leave things unseen, or unheard, even when they are in plain sight, and spoken clearly. Just because things remain unseen, or unheard, does not mean they are not Real " - David Apollo

This is Version 1 of the chapter discussing the Critical Thinking Personality Spectrum Ensemble.

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Critical Thinking is a fairly advanced, or complex ensemble. It will be composed of numerous component ensembles all working with each other to form the Critical Thinking Personality Spectrum Ensemble. An ensemble of ensembles, as many of our perception, behavior, and response filters are.

Among these component ensembles, at least three will be mentioned in this chapter, although as of this writing they have not been developed or described in their own chapters. URLs to their chapters will be included in revisions to this chapter as they are developed. These component filters, which interact nicely with each other, are:
  • The Cognitive Aptitude Personality Spectrum Ensemble - required in order to actually understand what one is doing and why. Cognitive Aptitude does not refer simply to being able to memorize an offered answer informing what is going on, but rather to actually understand it. To have the ability to derive it given prerequisite conditions that are its basis.

  • The Innovation Personality Spectrum Ensemble - drawn to and often entertains situations that one has an earlier familiarity with, but in different, novel, out-of-the-box perspectives. Oftentimes, during innovative cognitive activity, multiple out-of-the-box perspectives are entertained at the same time. Because validation is required in order to achieve the harmony that comes with truth, those with an active Innovation Filter are often times drawn to experimental activity with the intention of uncovering the underlying truth of a thing. This in turn can lead to successful innovative activity with the productive out-of-the-box perspective, or a derivative of it. Mixed, of course, with plenty of examples of failed innovative activity, or, activity that has gone in a non-productive direction before being terminated.

  • The Likelihood Recognition Personality Spectrum Ensemble - able to hold multiple unproven alternatives under consideration, as if they may be truthful, prior to validation. People with an active Likelihood Recognition Filter are comfortable thinking in terms of the probability that a hypothesis (or interpretation of an observation) may or may not be factually true. With sufficient validation, the alternatives found not to be truthful are dismissed. With only partial validation, there is only partial dismissal. The Indoctrination Filter is not in play here, and thus dismissal is only executed once sufficient validation is met, and sufficient validation rests nearly entirely on facts. For that reason, the Recognition of Facts Personality Filter also needs to be active for the Likelihood Recognition Ensemble to work credibly.
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