Freedom to Leap
This web resource is being launched to advocate the Conservation of Liberty as an essential element in the creation and nurturing of prosperous, adaptive, high functioning human societies and the people that make them up.

Today, nations worldwide face many issues that are not being dealt with effectively. We fall into adversarial positions and find frustration in our attempts to resolve these issues. Most of our politicians and our media find advantage in inciting us to take sides in all-or-nothing postures towards "enemies" that differ from us. Where there appears to be compromise, it is not really compromise at all - but rather erosion. Many would rather we find a way to get along, but are led to believe that the "other side" cannot be trusted - that they do not embrace our desire to achieve noble outcomes. We often assume that the other side does not want to "be fair", that it is "evil", "backwards", "unintelligent."

ConserveLiberty advocates a different outlook entirely, and believes that harmony arises not from the embrace of similar outlooks and outcomes, but rather from the embrace of a social and economic norm that encourages different outlooks and different outcomes. It is a philosophy that is reflective of the way we as people are built in the first place.

Freedom to Leap
To be clear (and rational), ConserveLiberty does not advocate the embrace of all different outlooks and outcomes. It does not advocate anarchy. It does not advocate a world without rules, or contracts, or conventions. Rather, a philosophy is being suggested that allows good people the freedom to be who they are, engage in the activities that spring naturally from their own hearts, to craft and adapt their own lives and outcomes, so long as they are not harming others outside the realm of defense.

One might ask, "Under what circumstance would anyone need to be encouraged to do that?"

If one takes a moment to consider the world in which we live in today, we are increasingly hamstrung in a variety of ways by circumstances that restrict our liberties. Often, we allow these restrictions gradually into our lives, and other times they arrive not so gradually. Our liberties are restricted not simply via the laws and regulations that we are compelled to observe. (And indeed, some of those laws are needed and welcomed by all.) Our personal debts restrict our liberties. Our biases restrict our liberties. Our fear of (or ambivalence to) change restricts our liberties. Our various insecurities and the behaviors they spawn restrict our liberties. Our tolerance of evil restricts our liberties. Our sense (or mis-sense) of guilt restricts our liberties. Lack of education restricts our liberties. Our gullibility restricts our liberties. And so on.

Indeed this whole project of identifying areas of liberty to be conserved, while at the same time allowing for rules that foster cooperation and cohesion with those of our choosing is a large affair, and will take time to flesh out. This site will develop and grow weekly.

And, as the project matures, not all will agree with it. There are very many who are quite happy little tyrants who believe it is their business to overly restrict and define the boundaries of the choices we may make. They do a great job marketing their theft of our liberties as "compassion" in any number of areas. Oh, if only we were cattle that would be satisfied with just the simple freedom of choosing which blade of grass to chew next, with no real need or desire to wander to the other side of our confines to engage in something more interesting there!

This web site will evolve posting by posting, to be fleshed out as we discuss the universe, nature as we find it here on earth, the humans and other living things we find in nature, and how Conserving their Liberty to behave as they are has been an excellent strategy since the beginning of time.

Last updated: Sep 17, 2014 16:00 PDT