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Feb 3, 2015
The Compatibility-Seeking Personality Spectrum Filter
Offered by David Apollo

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We start each Personality Spectrum Filter discussion by reminding the reader again what ConserveLiberty means by a Personality Filter. Click there.

And, as usual, now that the declaration that "our personality filters have an organic, genetic basis" is out of the way ... we continue to remind that ...
The biological and genetic basis underlying human personality is expected to be quite complex, with many component parts. By no means should it be construed or implied that the Compatibility-Seeking Phenotype Spectrum is the result of a single gene. Rather, an ensemble of biological parts are necessary to be expressed and put together just right so that a person's individual place on the Compatibility-Seeking Spectrum is determined.

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"The world's oldest profession, contrary to popular belief, is not prostitution. It is Marketing." - David Apollo

And we can add to that declaration:
"... which is dependent upon trust building ... which is dependent upon friendship and a sense of "with-ness" ... which is dependent upon Indoctrination ... which is dependent upon Compatibility-Seeking."
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