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- Will Rogers, 1879 - 1935
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Sep 17, 2017
A Constitution to Conserve Liberty

How might one architect government to nurture Liberty. And keep it up!
Up front, I probably need to remind readers that ConserveLiberty is not political, even though it may take on topics that many others may regard as political.

And, ConserveLiberty does not advocate for anything other than The One Thing - the conservation of the liberty to be what one is "built to be." That profoundly "radical" (meaning: root) advocacy is actually of rather weak import practically. Why?

The only thing we can ever Be is what we have been built to be. "Natural Law" is never violated within the realm of All That Is ... whether it be a subatomic particle, a photon, a molecule, an animal (such as a human,) a star, a black hole, even the Big Bang (if it occurred, or will). We all only Are what we are.

That said, it turns out that today, 17 September, is Constitution Day in the United States. And it was on this day that a system of government was established that defined the "~final" initial framework under which the U.S. would govern itself. While the "united states" declared themselves independent of Britain in 1776, and eventually won a war achieving independence, and ruled themselves as 13 colonies cooperating with one another, the actual U.S. Constitution representing how all the states in the "union" agreed to be governed was not written until 17 September, 1787. It was ratified in 1788, and came into force 4 March, 1789.

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