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Life itself is the proper binge.

- Julia Child, 1912-2004
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Jan 30, 2015
Attack of the But-Heads

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Andrew Klavan has a real knack for getting a point across with trademark irony and off-beat humor.

In this case, Andrew highlights the attacks on liberty of expression and thought that are happening in the present day.

Of course, these attempts to censor thought that is uncomfortable, threatening, or offensive to some is probably a theme that has recurred since the dawn of man, if not before. ConserveLiberty does not play happily there.

Keeping one's mouth shut is probably warranted in all sorts of circumstances. Which is not to say that it is warranted in all circumstances, or even in every circumstance where someone else might be made angry, uncomfortable, or threatened by loss of power or prestige.

Think carefully, but think independently.

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