Freedom to Leap
There are a number of Fundamental Principals, or Essential Factors, or Primary Traits that are inherent within All That Is. This resource will examine several of them over time.

Together, these Universal Properties are responsible for why the Universe around us is the way it is, from the fundamental particles and forces that make up the subatomic particles, through the higher levels of organization of the subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, dust and rocks. From there ultimately to even higher levels of organization such as living cells, the plants, animals, humankind, and even through higher levels of human organization such as societies, and the evolution of our technologies.

Among those Universal Properties are the properties of Separateness, Competition, Change. Again, we will explain these more deeply elsewhere within this resource.

Freedom to Leap
When present together, the fundamental properties of separateness, competition, and change give rise to the higher order trait we call Liberty. Importantly, all living things on this planet are in fact "alive" today because they have had the liberty to grow, adapt, and innovate in the face of environmental conditions that are always changing. Liberty, thus, is an essential higher order factor that has been required by all living things on earth today in order to have become a living thing on the earth today.

There is also a higher order trait which resists change, and is essential to the degree that there needs to be a certain amount of Continuity, or Persistence, or Stability in order for All That Is, including the things that are alive, to continue to Be. Thus, too much Liberty can have negative impact, leading to anarchy. And yet too little Liberty leads to Stagnation, the inability to adapt, and extinction.

For this reason, at a human level, we must Conserve Liberty if we intend to have a world in which human societies can adapt, prosper, innovate.

This resource, over time, will address and describe those Primary and Higher Order Traits that make us Human, and that create variation among human behaviors, our instincts, and the ways in which we perceive, process, and communicate with ourselves and the world at large. We will try to have fun with it. We will try to be sensitive with it. We will not endeavor to be "politically correct" when such "filtering" risks obscurring either Truth or legitimate questions or areas of research that might elaborate on Truth.

Hang on and enjoy.

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