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May 28, 2018
The Cost of Home, Gratefully Remembered
<b>Graves at Arlington pic</b>
Graves at Arlington National Cemetery
Last year, for Memorial Day, ConserveLiberty posted a reminder that folks consider their Gratitude for the Devotion that others had held in their hearts and minds that their countrymen be Free to Be what they had all been Built to Be.

A Devotion so strong, so pure, and so certain that they had even given up their own lives in order to help "make it so!"

→ Love and Devotion are separate concepts. One may Love someone or something they are Devoted to. However, one is not always devoted to that which one may believe they love. ←

These men and women who "died for us" in the wars that have been fought actually knew that many of us did not feel the same way about them. Yet they devoted their lives to help make our dreams of freedom and liberty and life possible. And in the end, often purposefully, they gave their own.

Without the devotion to serve and defend this country mortally, then it is a Fact that what this country stands for would have perished long ago.

This year, on Memorial Day, remember them for a few moments. There is no need to dwell on their loss of life. They would not have wanted us to do so. They gave their lives so that we could enjoy our own. Not so that we could lament their own misfortunes.

So have fun. And raise a glass to them. Remember them honestly. They were just like the rest of us. And often, much more devoted than many of us.


And thanks!!

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