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- Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803 - 1882
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Nov 23, 2017
Thanksgiving for Nearly Everything
It turns out that this one is a natural one to write for ConserveLiberty.

And it hits on so many different themes that are touched on throughout this resource as ConserveLiberty simply reminds us to Embrace Truth.

  • For that which has enabled us to Be What We Are.
    (ultimately, the Fundamental Resonance of the Fundamental Prerequisite)
  • For what one was Built to Be.
    (ultimately, what we Are)
  • For what All Else within All That Is was Built to Be.
    (others, the living, the Real, the Initial)
  • For Gratitude itself, and our participation and manifestation within and among it.
    (ultimately, an intrinsic dimension of Harmony, and our embrace of The Truth that we can)
  • And thus, our Freedom and Liberty to Think!!
    (no explanation fully representative of the awesomeness of that!!!)
So let's just pick two concepts of relevance to this topic that may (or may not) be a little different than what one may be "commonly" used to considering. Are others more "resonant" with you that are not mentioned here? Write them down if you wish. Let others know you are grateful for those and them. Today!

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